AGM (P&A)/        /2006-07                                                                  Date : 05-04-2007


Sub: Appointment of Appellate Authority / Public Information Officer / Assistant Public Information
Officer under Right to Information Act 2005.

           Information under Section 4(1)(b) of Right to Information Act

In the year 1964, Karnataka State Industrial Investment & Development Corporation Limited (KSIIDC) a premier State Level Industrial Development Corporation was established as a fully owned Government of Karnataka undertaking under the provisions of Companies Act 1956. The Registered Office of the Corporation is situated at ‘Khanija Bhavan’, No.49, 4th Floor East Wing, Race Course Road, Bangalore – 560 001.




The Company is managed by the Board of Directors, who are nominated by the Government of Karnataka and IDBI, consisting of the following:


1) Smt. Sobha Nambisan, IAS, Chairperson & Managing Director

2) Shri K.M. Shivakumar, IAS Director
3) Shri N. Gokulram, IAS, Director
4) Shri V. Umesh, IAS, Director
5) Shri V.M. Manogaran, Director

6) Shri A.K. Saxena, Director




The Board of Directors are the policy makers of the Company The Chairperson & Managing Director is the Chief Executive Officer of the Company, responsible for implementation of these policies, programmes and day-to-day management of the Company.







i.   The following officers of Karnataka State Industrial Investment & Development Corporation Limited are designated as Appellate Authority / Public Information Officers / Assistant Public Information Officers:

Public Information Officers:


Name & Designation

Telephone No.


P.B. RAJAGOPAL Assistant General Manager

22265927 (O) 
23217921 (R)


B. PREM KUMAR Assistant General Manager

22259329 (O)

Assistant Public Information Officer :


Name & Designation

Telephone No.



22259329 (O)

Appellate Authority:


Name & Designation

Telephone No.


General Manager

22269495 (O) 
25254697 (R)

               Every Public Information Officer / Assistant Public Information Officer, as the case may be shall perform his duties as envisaged in the Right to Information Act, 2005. He shall deal with requests from persons seeking information and render reasonable assistance to the persons seeking such information. He may seek the assistance of any other officer as he considers necessary for the proper discharge of his duties.

               In pursuance of Section 19 (1) of the Right to Information Act, Shri R. Sajjan Rao, General Manager, Karnataka State Industrial Investment & Development Corporation Limited is hereby appointed as Appellate Authority. He shall deal with appeals preferred by the person whose request for information is rejected by the PIO / APIO.


                                                                       ( SOBHA NAMBISAN ) 
                                                                       Chairperson & Managing Director  




The powers and duties of its officers and employees;








The Chairperson & Managing Director shall be in complete superintendence and control of the affairs of the company.

In tune with Central and State Government policies, directives of the controlling organisations issued from time to time he makes proposals to the Board for providing financial assistance under various schemes of financing.

Responsible for setting the targets for various performance parameters and their accomplishment through suitable operational strategies.








In-charge and has the overall responsibilities for the functions of Planning and Development. 
Bangalore International Airport Project.

Plan and co-ordinate activities for the industrialization of the State, in active liaison with the government and its agencies

Assist in formulating policies for industrial sector

Formulate infrastructure projects for the State and monitor specified mega projects as the designated nodal agency of the government.






 Carrying out business operations as per the targets set for different performance parameters.

Generating necessary inputs in the area of Management support.

Merchant banking and financial services.







Deputy General Manager / Assistant General Managers - Zones - I, II, III, IV, V





Appraisal of real estate; commercial, hospital and office complexes, tourism related projects. Resources, planning, BPRF and corporate planning of the Corporation.

The zone deals with projects coming under Urban & Rural Districts of Bangalore.

Zone-II :

Appraisal of Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical and Automobile related projects.

The zone deals with projects coming under Urban and Rural Districts of Bangalore and all other projects coming under Tumkur and Kolar Regions.


Appraisal of IT, Electronics, Granite and Textiles related projects.

The zone deals with projects coming under Urban and Rural Districts of Bangalore.


Appraisal of all projects, coming under the jurisdiction of Mysore and Mangalore regions.


Appraisal of all projects coming under the jurisdiction of Gulbarga and Hubli Regions.

Nature of work in all Zones ( I to V):

Appraisal of projects, sanction of loans, disbursement of loans and monitoring of projects and recovery of cases. This includes follow up recovery, sale of assets taken over under section 29 of the SFC’s Act, monitoring of BIFR cases, personal guarantee / investigation of cases, follow up of cases in the court, till the loan amount is settled and other allied works.



Company Secretary - (AGM - CS)




To look after the work relating to the following:

Board meetings and company’s secretarial work

Matters pertaining to COPU

CAG & Legislative matters

Convening of the Board meetings, Sub-committee of Board meetings, staff committee meetings and other committee meetings and recording of proceedings.

Nominee Directors portfolio




Business Development (AGM-BSD,IA&IT)




To look after the work relating to the following:

Reviewing existing internal audit system in the Corporation and bringing about required changes / modification to enhance the effectiveness of the system.

Coordinating all aspects related to internal audit program and ensures effective implementation.

Organizing and coordinating Audit Committee meetings.

Assessing, evaluating, procuring, maintaining, IT & IT related requirements.

Business development functions, entrepreneur guidance, publicity & promotion, corporate image building, matters relating to Singe Window Agency & HLC meetings, associated agencies such as TECSOK, CDOK, KIADB, Karnataka Udyog Mitra, etc.




AGM's in Zones I to V




Prepare and assist to DGMs concerned in Appraisal of Projects, Sanction of Loans, Disbursement of loans, Monitoring of Projects, Recovery of Loans and sale of assets under Section 29 of the SFCs Act, Rehabilitation Proposals. Follow up of recovery, invoking of personal guarantees and in all other matters till such time the loan account is fully closed.








Providing legal advice on all functions of KSIIDC as required;

Advising the legal personnel working in various operational area;

Preservation, handling and delivery of security documents;

Handling legal documentation;

Providing safe custody of files, records and documents;

Initiate legal actions, as required by the management;

Evaluation, selection, approval of legal counsels;

Providing support services to legal advisers and follow up of court matters








To look after administrative and personnel matters, maintaining personal files of employees, maintenance of employees all advances files, leave record, attendance, LTC, HTC, purchase of office stationery and other items, maintaining of training records, matters pertaining to staff welfare, house keeping, maintenance of office vehicles, maintenance of sub-contractors relating to office equipments.








To look after the over all Accounts and Finance departments, Funds Management, Resource Forecast, handling of Annual Accounts and maintenance of relevant records.








To look after the over all Financial Services Division covering areas such as equity participation, dis-investment of shares and the merchant banking activities as a Category- I Merchant Banker, Assistance in Food Parks, holding of Investors Meet within the State / Country and Abroad.








Arrange Meetings for the Managing Director with important dignatories, Follow Up of work assigned by Managing Director. Co-ordinating the work between MD and Government, Co-ordinate with Head of Departments.




Officers at Zonal Offices at Mysore, Mangalore, Hubli and Gulbarga:




To look after activities connected with the following:

Business promotion and development activities

Appraisal of Projects wherever necessary, recommend for disbursement of loan, monitoring of projects, recovery of loans and assist the concerned DGM of Zones in operational work.




Other personnel like Managers, Deputy Managers and other staffs shall assist the concerned HODs in discharging their duties and responsibilities.



The procedure followed in the decision making process, including channels of supervision and accountability;




The Board of Directors of the Corporation are the decision makers of the policies, sanction of loans, and other matters relating to day to day management of the Corporation. The Managing Director also approves sanction of loans as per the delegation of powers by the Board from time-to-time under the various schemes. The decisions taken at the Board level are conveyed to the respective officers for implementation of the decisions of the Board.





The norms set by it for the discharge of its functions;




The Board is the policy making body and the Managing Director being Executive Head of the organization, will implement the programmes set out by the Board and Government from time to time. In order to discharge its functions smoothly, the functions of the Corporation are broadly categorized as under : 
1) Sanction, Disbursement and Recovery Section 
2) Accounts & Finance Section 
3) Legal Section 
4) Business Development Section 
5) Financial Services Section 
6) Administration & Personnel Section 
7) Company Secretary Section 
8) Planning & Development Section 
9) Information Technology and Internal Audit Section.

Each of the above sections is headed by Senior Officers and they will report to the Executive Director / Managing Director. Further, each of the sections is provided with required staff who will report to the section heads in discharging their functions. At the Zonal Office level, the official in-charge in the Zone will monitor activities and report to the concerned HoDs.




The rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records held by it or under its control or used by its employees for discharging its functions;




Memorandum of Association & Articles of Association of KSIIDC 
Annual Business Plan & Resource Forecast approved by the Board (BPRF) 
RBI Guidelines for Income Recognition and Prudential Norms for provisioning of assets 
OTS policy / Debt Reconstruction Scheme 
Guidelines issued by Industrial Development Bank of India/ Small Industries Development Bank of India. 
KSIIDC Service Rules  
Companies Act 
Income tax Act 
Gratuity Act 
Provident Fund Act 
Karnataka Transparency in Public Procurement Act, 1999  
State Financial Corporations Act (to the extent applicable)  
The Sick Industrial Companies (Special Provisions) Act  
Circulars, Office Orders, instructions issued from time to time from relevant authorities.




A statement of the categories of the documents that are held by it or under its control;